Top 10 Smallest Persons in the World

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Although they are smaller than us, but they may be more famous than taller people. Some of them became famous because they are very short this is a list of smallest man in the world.

10. Carl Edward Gaedel

smallest person edward carl gaedel Top 10 Smallest Persons in the World

Carl Edward Gaedel

With a height of 3 “7, Eddie is the shortest baseball players in the world. Born in Chicago in 1925,” Eddie “wants to be sportsmen, and managed to secure his debut with the St. Louis Browns in the summer of 1951. His show above the plate to make tens of thousands of spectators gave him a standing applause. Unfortunately, Gaedel be a heavy drinker and died of a heart attack after being robbed in 1961.

9. Bridget Midget

smallest person bridget midget Top 10 Smallest Persons in the World

Bridget Midget

Twenty eight years Bridget age – Cheryl Marie Murphy – He became popular because of lewd playing prowess. Idaho-born actress Bridget is an erotic film with a difference – he’s only 3 “9. He is now retired from the” adults “acting after appearing in over 100 films.

8. Danny Woodburn

smallest person danny woodburn Top 10 Smallest Persons in the World

Danny Woodburn

44-year actors from Philadelphia area actor with a very small body. But he played as an actor in some famous movie, which later made it popular as an actor with a small body.

7. Gary Coleman

smallest person gary coleman Top 10 Smallest Persons in the World

Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman became famous for his role as Arnold Jackson on Diff’rent Strokes. Actors with high 4 “8 starred in several TV series and movies, but that made him famous is his personal life.

6. Dolly Parton

smallest person dolly parton Top 10 Smallest Persons in the World

Dolly Parton

Dolly has a height of five feet and 62 years old. Became famous because the country ditties like “Jolene” and “I’ll always love you”, and still singing and song-writing for today. He is also recognized as a philanthropist, he is a talented music player that can play autoharp, banjo, drums, guitar, harmonica and piano,

5. General Tom Thumb

smallest person general tom thumb Top 10 Smallest Persons in the World

General Tom Thumb

He has the original name of Charles Sherwood Stratton, adopted the stage name General Tom Thumb of the legend of English fairy tales, no bigger than his thumb. The real Tom Thumb was born in Connecticut, weight 9 pounds 2 ounces, but grew only 2 “9. He became a traveling circus showman PT Barnum, and tours the world, become rich and met his wife, someone who is petite. He died at age 45 on years due to a stroke. More than 10,000 friends, fans and family attended the funeral.

4. Wee Man

smallest person wee man Top 10 Smallest Persons in the World

Wee Man

Jackass star, whose real name is Jason Bryant Acuña, has a height no more than four feet. He was born in Pisa, Italy, Italian parents, but grew up in Torrance, California. He worked as a manager of magazine subscriptions for skateboarding.

3. Prince

smallest person prince  Top 10 Smallest Persons in the World


Prince Rogers Nelson, Known as Prince, and he has a height of not more than 5 “2. But he was one of the smallest men in the world.

2. Danny DeVito

smallest person danny devito Top 10 Smallest Persons in the World

Danny DeVito

It’s a big movie star with a high 4 “11. He was born in Neptune, New Jersey, a middle-class family, and decided to pursue acting at an early age. He became a famous actor in several films such as Taxi, Confidential, Batman and Heist. He gains fame and fortune as an actor.

1. Verne Troyer

smallest person verne troyer Top 10 Smallest Persons in the World

Verne Troyer

Actor 40 years, famous for playing Mini-Me in Austin Powers, he is a funny guy, and became an entertainer in a few events. Sex scandal with his former girlfriend has dimmed his career. Verne Troyer is the smallest person in the world.

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