The Smallest Horses in the World

Thursday, October 20th 2011. | Smallest

Smallest horse in the world is named Einstein with male gender that were born on a farm horse Tiz Miniature Horse Farm, in Barnstead, New Hampshire, on Friday April 23, 2010, and today this smallest horse only turns a year old. Because of its extremely small size, Einstein noted as smallest horse in the world.

Smallest Horse


At the age of three days, the high horse is only 14 inch or the equivalent of 35.56 cm only. Dr. Rachel Wagner, the owner of this smallest horse claims Einstein as the world’s smallest horse and registers it in the Guinness Book of Records.

To celebrate his first birthday, to be published a book about Einstein, so says Charlie Cantrell and Rachel Wagner in Gilmanton, New Hampshire, “It has been an extraordinary year for us all and for Einstein,” said Cantrell (44) who bought Einstein for their small farm along with his wife Rachel.

Einstein registered smallest horse can survive all this time, compared with a high horse at birth is usually reached more than 50 cm, while Einstein’s parent (female) as high as more than 81 cm and males 76 cm.

Einstein With Normally Horse

Einstein With Normally Horse

Everyday your child is playing with Playboy, a friend of his horse, normal-sized and also Charlie and Rachel’s dog, Lilly. Playboy itself is owned by their neighbors who lived next farm, where Einstein was often approached by Playboy who happened to be led owners. Einstein is the smallest pony today, before Einstein; Thumbelina holds the record as the smallest horse.

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