Top 10 Oldest Nations in the World

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Oldest Nation is an interesting topic we will discuss in this post. We all often hear about the youngest country in the world, but we do not know the State of the oldest in the world. Here are the top 10 oldest nations in the world.

10. India (3000 B.C)

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India occupies the tenth position as the oldest nation. Indus Valley Civilization was the first form of urban civilization in Asia.

9. Ethiopia (2500-3000 B.C)

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In ninth position you will find Ethiopia as oldest nation. Land of Punt is a close trade partners with Egypt many recordings dating back from 2500 BC containing references to the ancient country.

8. China (2100-1600 B.C)

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You’ll discover China in the eighth position as the oldest nation. Xia Dynasty apparently the first Chinese dynasty, but archaeological evidence to date is limited.

7. Iran (625-559 BC)

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In the seventh position you will find the list of oldest Iranian Nation. Media unite the tribes who lived in the territory of Iran created the empire that would later become the great Persian Empire.

6. San Marino (301 AD)

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San Marino

City state founded by Saint Marinus who settled near Monte Titano to escape persecution Diocletianic.

5. France (486 AD)

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France occupies the fifth position as the oldest nation. The unification was made by Clovis, king of France first, marking the beginning of the state which will have a major influence in Europe.

4. Bulgaria (632 AD)

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Bulgaria occupies the fourth position as the oldest nation. Asparukh founded the First Bulgarian Empire founded in the capital Pliska.

3. Japan (660 AD)

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Japan is one of the oldest nations in the world. Regarded as the first emperor Jimmu, who founded one of the Japanese nation, but its existence is under debate.

2. Turkey (900 AD)

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In the second place you will find Turkey in the list of oldest nations in the world. During the dynasty of Seljuk Turks migrated to the territory of modern Turkey gave birth to what later would become the Ottoman Empire.

1. Egypt (3150-3500 BC)

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Egypt is the oldest nation in the world. The King Menes founded the first Egyptian royal dynasties starting line Pharaoh who ruled the country for three thousand years. Egypt is the oldest nation in the world. Egypt is the oldest nation.

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