Top 10 Most Popular Websites in the World

Sunday, October 30th 2011. | Most Popular

Most popular website is one indication of the success of an owner of the website. There are several Internet giants that have the most popular websites. Here is a list of top 10 most popular websites.

10. (

most popular website

The tenth most popular website is is the one of most visited in China founded by Tencent Inc. beginning of its establishment in 1998 has a domain name OICQ (Open ICQ). “ICQ” is an acronym that sounded like “I seek you” or “I’m looking for you”. In 2003, Tencent Inc. managed to buy the domain and developed into a great website so far.

9. Twitter (

most popular website


The ninth most popular website in the world is Twitter. Twitter is a social networking sites as well as facebook, myspace, WAYN (where are you now). Twitter is a microblooging website. Jack Dorsey was founded Twitter in 2006.”Tweets” is the message delivered by users is only limited by 140 characters. ranks ninth in the Alexa Page Rank.

8. Windows Live (

most popular website

Windows Live

The eighth most popular website is Windows Live. Windows Live is a search engine from Microsoft, namely windows live with domain name or known by officially released in 2008 after get some upgrade from older platform. is equipped with hotmail service and RSS feeds. Windows live only need 3 years to reach eighth ranks in the Alexa Page Rank.

7. Wikipedia (

most popular website


Wikipedia ranked seven as most popular website in the world. Claim to be the largest online encyclopedia, Wikipedia successfully ranks seventh Alexa Page Rank. Wikipedia is a nonprofit corporation of the Wikimedia Foundation, founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. provides 18 million articles that are very useful for visitors.

6. (

Te sixth most popular website in the world is Baidu. As the largest website in China provides various services for the visitors, with indexes 740 million web pages and more than 80 million images. Founded in 2000 by Robin Li as a founder Baidu Inc. In 2010 is no.1 search engine site in China and Hong Kong and beat another search engines like Google, Yahoo China, etc. Baidu is now expanded with the launch of Baidu TV.

5. Blogger (

most popular website


Blogger ranked five as most popular website in the world. Blogger is a hosted blog site, which launched in 1999 and founded by Pyra Labs. provides free subdomain with the name of and now was bought by Google. Many users who use the blogspot blog to his blog because of the ease and features owned

4. Yahoo! (

most popular website

The fourth most popular website in the world is Yahoo. Yahoo! Is an search engine and a portal site that was founded in 1995, by two Stanford University students that Jerry Yang and David Filo. Yahoo! provides content that is often accessed by visitors, such as news, entertainment, sports and more. The portal also developed into service Yahoo Mail, Messenger, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Maps, Yahoo Finance all of which we frequently access each day.

3. YouTube – Broadcast Yourself (



The third most popular website is YouTube. YouTube is a video-sharing website where everyone can upload video and share it with other people around the world. YouTube is very effective as dissemination of information, especially in video format and preferred because the site is free. Most of the videos on YouTube uploader are the individual, but there are some companies that partnered with YouTube to offer their material, such as Vevo, CBS, BBC.

2. Facebook (

Most popular website


Facebook is booming now, and the second most popular website in the world. facebook Beginning in 2004, founded by Mark Z, facebook as a social networking service quickly booming as a most favorite social networking site. It features an attractive, easy and uncomplicated to make facebook in 2011 has more than 600 million users. And facebook get second rank in Alexa Page Rank

1. Google (

most popular website


Here is the most popular website in the world. Who didn’t know Google? Google’s search engine is the largest and probably the most complete. Google was founded by the duo of ‘Google Guys’ Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996. Each site would want indexed by as a search engine. Google ranked first as one of the most popular websites in the world. And know, this company become one of the largest company. Google is the king of Internet and become most popular website.

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