Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World

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Most popular sport is the most widely played sport and has many fans around the world. There are hundreds of official sports are played in Olympic game. However, only a few sports that became most popular sport. Here is a list of top 10 most popular sports in the world.


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Badminton occupies tenth position as the most popular sport. The sport is played with shuttlecock and racket, probably evolved in ancient Egypt around 2000 years ago but also a mention in India and the People’s Republic of China is estimated to ancestors a Chinese game, which involves the use shuttlecock Jianzi but without rackets. And aim to maintain shuttlecock without falling to the ground as long as possible interesting fact about badminton is where the fastest smash recorded by Britain’s Simon Archer, was clocked at over 160 mph (260 km / h)


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Tennis is ranked as the ninth most popular sport. There are various types of games that use a racquet and tennis is played today is one of the most preferred games. According to some historical records, in 11th-century kind of game called jeu de Paume, which resembles a game of tennis now, has played for the first time in a region in France.


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Hockey is ranked as the eighth most popular sport. Hockey or field hockey is a sport game made by men and women by using a bat (stick) and ball. Form of the game is almost the same with football. So is the ice hockey, it’s just this on the ice or in the winter. Historians call, originating from Persian hockey game; because the sport is similar to the game known today already played around 4000 years ago. Carving in the cave at Beni Hassan in the valley of the Nile illustrates, many centuries ago by the Egyptians played a game similar to hockey.


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Volleyball is ranked the seventh most popular sport. Sri Lanka’s national sport is a very popular sport in almost all countries and among the top six in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, China, India, the Philippines and Poland. Volleyball is also a popular sport in southern India, North America, Eastern Europe and Brazil, enjoyed a surge in popularity in schools and colleges.


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Rugby is ranked as the sixth most popular sport. Rugby is a sport that way the game is almost as rich as American Football, but its more minimal safe level of American football, because fewer security accessories. This Rugby originated in England in the early 19th century. Rugby has been set by the International Rugby Board since its formation in 1886.


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American football is ranked as the fifth most popular sport. American football (American football) or known in the United States and Canada as football is a sport played by two teams each consisting of 11 players, and sports activities including hazardous sports. Besides the American, American football also love played in Japan and Europe


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Baseball, America’s national sport is considered a U.S. property; it was first played in England, according to the latest findings on the history of this sport. Some historians in Surrey, England, the team confirmed that baseball has been played in England even more than 20 years before American independence. Confirmation was obtained from the diary that contains the document matches played in Guildford in 1775, and diaries are confirmable by the Surrey History Centre


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Basketball is ranked third as the most popular sport. Basketball is a sport popular in many countries in the world. Basketball game itself was created by prof. Dr. James A. Naismith one physical education teacher Young Mens Christian Association (YMCA) Springfield, Massachusetts, United States in 1891.


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Cricket was ranked second as the most popular sport. Cricket first recorded played in southern England in the 16th century. At the end of the 18th century, cricket had developed to the point where he has become the national sport of England. Expansion of the British Empire led to cricket being played overseas and in the mid-19th century was first played in international matches.


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Not in doubt soccer is most popular sport in the world. The sport originated in China, in a military document stated, since 206 BC, during the reign of Tsin and Han Dynasty, people are already playing a ball game called tsu Chu. Tsu has a meaning of “hit the ball with the foot”. While Chu, meaning “ball that made from leather”. They played ball made of animal skins by kicking and led him into a net stretched on two poles. Soccer is favorite sport in 93 countries and became the most popular sport.

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