Top 10 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made

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Most expensive video game is a video game which cost tens of millions of dollars. Video games will soon approach the movie made in Hollywood in terms of budget, and some have even surpassed the average cost of making movies. In the early 90’s, a video game budget is approximately $ 100,000. When the game ‘Doom’ was released in 1993, spent total cost of USD 200,000. This game declared as the most expensive games at the time. Here are the top 10 most expensive video games ever made.

10. Killzone 2 (USD 45 million)

most expensive video game

Killzone 2

Killzone 2 fill in tenth place as the most expensive video game. This is one of the most anticipated PS3 titles, and one that has been developed over more than four years. Killzone 2 is the initial budget of USD 20 million, and then increased to USD 30 million. Suddenly there was an extension of time making for one full year. Cash cost is inflated $ 40 million. Predictions of some analysts even exceed USD 45 million. There is also a judge had exceeded 41 million euro (approximately USD 56 million). But none of that number ever confirmable by the makers of this game.

9. Final Fantasy XII (USD 48 million)

most expensive video game

Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII was in ninth place as the most expensive video game. Final Fantasy titles have been known for its exceptional quality, long games and high production values. Final Fantasy is also known as the most expensive video game ever released in Japan. Just so you know, Final Fantasy XII was originally budgeted USD 48 million, not including marketing costs. Sequel of this title, the Final Fantasy XIII, is budgeted at least 50% higher. But about the size of the budget has not been officially confirmed at SquareEnix, the author.

8. LA Noire (USD 50 million)

most expensive video game

LA Noire

LA Noire is in eighth place as the most expensive video game. La Noire recently referred to as “one of the most expensive games in the development of this century”, by Tom Crago, president of the Game Developers Association of Australia. Maybe the news is too exaggerated. For what? To promote the Australia-based game developer (LA Noire developed in Australia). It’s no secret that Rockstar has set a budget of LA Noire to $ 50 million. What is the purpose? To create a video game that truly cinematic, where most of Los Angeles in the 1940s has been recreated and fully explorable.

7. APB (USD 50 million)

most expensive video game


APB seventh position as the most expensive video game. APB has developed almost five years now (2010). Realtime Worlds APB is often stated that the most expensive video game ever made them. Realtime Worlds founder, Dave Jones, Venture Capital increase of EUR 50 million to ensure that the APB has enough money to sustain further development. Official budget is actually $ 50 million is correct, but Realtime Worlds has been set to spend millions each year to support and expand the MMO.

6. Halo3 (USD 50 million)

most expensive video game


Halo3 filling sixth place as the most expensive video game. Halo franchise has had great success with Halo and Halo2, for both Bungie and Microsoft. Money to fund the huge success it is available for Halo3. This game is the best and most impressive in almost every aspect when it was released. Halo3 production costs to $ 55 million, not including $ 200 million (read: $ 200 million) issued by Microsoft to promote it.

5. Metal Gear Solid 4 (USD 60 million)

moest expensive video game

Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid 4 was in fifth place as the most expensive video game. This is one of the largest and most complex titles of the series Metal Gear Solid. This game has dozens of hours of cut scenes and in-game movie. Metal Gear Solid 4 ingestion of 4 years of manufacture, with a tag for USD 60 million. This amount is borne by Kojima Productions-range and Sony.

4. Too Human (USD 60 million)

most expensive video game

Too Human

Too Human fill the fourth place as the most expensive video game. Sometimes budgets for video games, as well as budgets for Hollywood films, tends to rise, rise, and continued to rise, until eventually exceeded the initial budget. Too Human had a lot of problems during development time, especially when the selection engine (whether or Epic Games Unreal Engine 3). It’s time consuming and not cost a bit for the developer Silicon Knights. Uh, finally they decided to use their own engine, right at the critical moment the release date approached. This problem resulted in the swelling budget exceeds $ 10 million, according to several sources.

3. Shenmue (USD 70 million)

most expensive video game


Shenmue third place as the most expensive video game. Shenmue holds the record for most expensive game for nearly 10 years. Amount of the budget is really fantastic: more than USD 70 million was spent for the production of the Sega Dreamcast game is. Shenmue offers vast and explorable areas, a complete weather system, and so much fine detail and features that do not even exist in another game today. This is reflected in the total sales, less than expectations of manufacturers.

2. Gran Turismo 5

moest expensive video game

Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5 is in second place as the most expensive video game. This driving simulator truley makes you feel like a race car driver. It features excellent graphics and a wide range of cars and tracks. Official budget mid-year 2008 was $ 60 million, and two years later when the game hits stores, it will reach $ 80 million a surprise, so the video game two of the most expensive.

1. Grand Theft Auto 4 (USD 100 million)

moest expensive video game

Grand Theft Auto 4

Grand Theft Auto 4 is the most expensive video game. Viewed from the value of production, the number of features, or the level of detail, no one can beat the video game Grand Theft Auto 4. There are at least 1,000 people working to make this game for over 3 and half years. They do everything that complicated, ranging from studying the city of New York with a camera and record a wide range of detail for months, until contacted more than 2,000 people. For what? Just to get the right to use (royalty) of hundreds of songs that can be heard in the game. Prices to record any music master at the $ 10,000 range, not including licensing fees and royalties. There is enough content in the game to make the average gamer playing this game for at least 100 hours. With a budget of 100 million dollars, GTA 4 is the most expensive video game ever made. GTA 4 is the most expensive video game.

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