The Most Expensive Pokemon Cards in the World

Thursday, November 17th 2011. | Most Expensive

Most expensive Pokemon card is one of the unique things that we will discuss in this article. Someone might ask why a Pokemon game card becomes most expensive Pokemon card. Pokémon craze may have subsided a bit, but Nintendo media franchise still has a loyal fan base. Pokemon was originally pioneered for the Game Boy game, but on later into the film as well as card games.

most expensive pokemon card

Pokemon Card Illustrator

Most expensive Pokemon card in the world is Pikachu Illustrator cards. Only six of these cards exist. They are created for a contest run by CoroCoro magazine in which the children are invited to create their own designs of Pokemon cards. Six winners win trophies holofoil card. This card valued up to $ 20,000.
mostexpensive pokemon card

Pokemon Card Charizard

From mass produced Pokémon cards, most popular and expensive is Charizard. This value for the high HP of 120 and a destructive “fire spin” attack. This can take up to $ 125, but only if the card is first edition. Charizard is one of the most expensive Pokemon cards.

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