Top 10 Longest Snakes in the World

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In this world there is some kind of snake that has a length of up to several meters. Several types of longest snake are also the largest snake in the world. Reticulated python is the longest snake in the world. Average reticulated python can grow up to 10 meters long after they mature. Let us see list longest snake in the world.

1. Reticulated Python (Python Reticulates) 10, 7 meters/35 inches

longest snake reticulated python Top 10 Longest Snakes in the World

Reticulated Python

Reticulates python from Southeast Asia and is the longest snake in the world. Although they are not venomous, but they are dangerous animals. Their power is enough to kill an adult male.

2. Green Anaconda 8.5 meter / 28 inches

largest snake green anaconda1 Top 10 Longest Snakes in the World

Green Anaconda

Green anaconda from South America. Green Anaconda is the second longest snake in the world. Green anaconda is the largest snake in the world.

3. Indian python (7.6 meter / 25 inch)

longest snake indian phyton Top 10 Longest Snakes in the World

Indian python

India Molurus Python or Python or python Black tail comes from south Asia and Southeast Asia. In Southeast Asia, India Rock Python popular as the Burmese Python. The color is usually lighter than the Indian python.

4. Diamond Python (6.4 inches meters/21)

longest snake diamond phyton Top 10 Longest Snakes in the World

Diamond Python

Morelia spilota or commonly known as Diamond Boa Python is a snake that comes from coastal areas in South Australia. Diamond python like to stay in high altitude areas.

5. King Cobra (5.8 inches meters/19)

longest snake King Cobra Top 10 Longest Snakes in the World

King Cobra

King Cobra is a venomous snake and one of the longest in the world. Although the snake is slimmer than Boa, King cobras have a strong poison that can kill quickly Boa. King Cobra has a neurotoxic poison in high doses. They eat other venomous snakes python and they are also animals that eat cannibal king cobra others. They also can kill other animals such as cattle or an elephant. But their large size makes the King Cobra is difficult to swallow a buffalo or elephant.

6) Boa Constrictor (4.9meters / 16 inch)

longest snake boa constrictor Top 10 Longest Snakes in the World

Boa Constrictor

Boa Constrictor is large and heavy Boa. This is one of the Boidae family originated in South America, Central America and North America through the Caribbean. The color of their skin depending on the locality. Some have dark color, but some others have a lighter color.

7) Bushmaster (3.7meters/12 inches)

longest snake bushmaster Top 10 Longest Snakes in the World


Bushmaster comes from Central and South America and we can find it in the island of Trinidad. Bushmaster can remove toxic in large quantities a few times when attacking an enemy or prey. Yes, it’s very deadly, one of the world’s most powerful poison in the fangs stocked Bushmaster

8 – Giant Brown Snake (3.4meters/11 inches)

longest snake giant brown snake Top 10 Longest Snakes in the World

Giant Brown Snake

Brown snakes are available in different species and originating from Australia and North America. Although venomous brown snake, the venom is not strong as the Bushmaster, king cobra or a rattlesnake.

9) Diamondback Rattlesnake (2.7meters / 9 inches)

longest snake Diamondback Rattlesnake Top 10 Longest Snakes in the World

Diamondback Rattlesnake

Snake Diamond is available in 3 species (eastern diamondback, western diamondback, diamond snake back and red) all of these venomous snakes and deadly.

10) Indigo Snake 2.4meters / 8 inches

longest snake indigo snake Top 10 Longest Snakes in the World

Indigo Snake

Eastern Indigo Snake is a snake of blue-black or reddish orange and is a non-venomous snake. Snakes are often the victims of venomous snake hunter.

Most of the list of longest snake in the world is the snake that is almost extinct. They continue to be hunted by humans, so we have to keep them alive.

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