The Longest Hair in the world

Tuesday, October 23rd 2012. | Longest

There are a number of women (and men) who have some pretty long hair, but there is only one who currently holds the record for the longest hair in the world according to Guinness World Records. Having long hair is a dream almost every woman in the world. Guinness Book record that this woman as a person with the longest hair in the world. He comes from China. His name is Xie Qiuping, from Guangxi province.

longest hair xie qiuping The Longest Hair in the world

Xie Qiuping

On May 8, 2004, the Guinness Book record of this woman as a woman with the longest hair in the world. Her hair was measured reaches 5.627 meters or 18 feet is equivalent to 5:54 inches.

Xie Qiuping began to lengthen her hair since 1973 at the age of 13 years. Currently he is aged about 47 years. He continued to care for her long hair in order to clean and look pretty. Her hair was very long, he had an assistant to help him when he walked. Do you have the patience and time to grow your hair out for over 30 years? If so, you could be the next record holder for world’s longest hair.

Worlds Longest Hair Xie Qiuping The Longest Hair in the world

Guiness World Record for Longest Hair

Record holder for longest hair in the male category was Tran Van Hay. Mr. Hay did not cut his hair for more than 42 years, but the hair of the man is not so soft and appealing as Xie Qiuping hair. Xie Qiuping has the longest hair in the world.

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