Top 5 Largest Snakes in the World

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Most people would overreact after them when meeting with a snake in front of them. Although the giant snake may not be harmful or poisonous, the first thing that crosses their mind is to kill them before killing them. This common mistake is hard to change and here, they do not attack humans. They were only defending themselves when they were attacked. This is a list of largest snake in the world.

5. Green Anaconda

largest snake green anaconda Top 5 Largest Snakes in the World

Green Anaconda

There is two types of anaconda, green anaconda (Eunectes murinus) and the yellow anaconda (Eunectes notaeus). Both include a large snake, but the green anaconda is greater when compared with the yellow anaconda. Average length of the green anaconda 5 meters, and the longest ever recorded is 8 meters. Although the average size of the adult python slightly longer than the average size of adult green anaconda, the green anaconda was given the title as the largest snake.
If the largest snake sort of overall size (weight, size & length, green anaconda at the top. Green anaconda grown so heavy and they must spend most of his time in an aqueous environment to help ease the weight.
Besides humans, adults have few natural enemies anaconda in the wild. They eat almost anything they can catch & beat. Anaconda can even eat alligators. From a distance, anaconda looks dark brown or olive color with no pattern. But when viewed up close, the anaconda has interesting pattern of black and yellow.

4. Reticulated Python

largest snake reticulated phyton Top 5 Largest Snakes in the World

Reticulated Python

Reticulated python is arguably the world’s longest snake, the size of an average adult length of 6 meters. This giant snake habitat is in the rain forests of Southeast Asia. Reticulatus are ambush predators, and has a camouflage pattern that supports the skin.
One of the most striking of these is a large snake eyes. As snakes are active at night the other, the reticulated python has a vertical eye. But it also has a bright orange iris. Snake eye is easier for snakes to catch prey at night, usually with ambush their prey and twist until the prey stops moving then eat it.

3. Burmese Python

largest snake burmese phyton Top 5 Largest Snakes in the World

Burmese Python

As the name implies, Burmese python inhabiting the rainforests of Southeast Asia. Python is often seen near the water but does not depend on the water like an anaconda. Although fairly large body size, python molurus very good at climbing & sometimes found in trees. Python molurus is also often found near the villages located close to the original environment, and doing its job eating rats & other rodents. Another interesting thing about this is python molurus they can raise their body temperatures when incubating their eggs. All types of python wrapped her body in the egg the egg to make her eggs warm. Python molurus has a greater ability to raise the center of its body temperature. It is unknown how the snake is able to do so. Of all types of large snakes, python molurus is the most popular traded. Although it can be very large in size, reputation python molurus is benign and easy to handle, unless there is food nearby.

2. African Rock Python

largest snake african rock phyton Top 5 Largest Snakes in the World

African Rock Python

African Rock Python is an aggressive snake and eat any animals ranging from fish, small alligators, goats or deer. General African rock python can grow to 18 feet long and some who can live long enough to grow to 25 feet. See the time, a snake appeared on the Jeff Corwin Shows.

1. Scrub Python

largest snake scrub phyton Top 5 Largest Snakes in the World

Scrub Python

Scrub python is the largest venomous snake in Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Scrub the largest python ever found was 8 ½ feet long.
In addition to large snakes 5 above, the largest snake ever recorded in the history of Titanic Boa or Titan boa cerrejonensis and Gigantophis garstini. Titanic Boa An adult can grow up to 12-15 meters long and weighs over 1.3 tons or 2,500 pounds. In adulthood, titanic boa can have a body of 1 meter and 40 centimeters thick. It is the world’s largest snake.

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