Top 10 Largest Seas in the World

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Largest seas are an interesting topic that we will discuss on this post. Sea or salt water is a collection of broad and relate to the ocean. In sea water is a mixture of 96.5% pure water and 3.5% other materials such as salts, dissolved gases, organic materials and insoluble particles. The main physical properties of sea water are determined by 96.5% pure water. Here are the top 10 largest seas in the world.

10. Bay of Bengal – 2.172 million

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Bay of Bengal

Bay of Bengal occupies the tenth place as the largest sea in the world. Bay of Bengal is a bay located in the northeastern Indian Ocean. This bay is located just west of the Malay Peninsula and eastern India. Gulf looks like a triangle. This is called the Bay of Bengal as there are states in northern India state of West Bengal and Bangladesh.

9. Bering Sea – 2.2601 million

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Bering Sea

Bering Sea is in second place as the largest sea. Bering Sea is part of the Pacific Ocean. Bering Sea consists of a deep water basin, which then rises through a narrow slope into the shallower water on the continent.

8. Tasman Sea – 2.33 million

largest sea

Tasman Sea

You can find the Tasman Sea in the eighth place as the largest sea. Tasman Sea is the size of the largest ocean in between Australia and New Zealand, has a distance of 2000 kilometers (1250 miles). Located in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Sea was discovered by Dutch inventor, Abel Janszoon Tasman, the first European record for visiting New Zealand and Tasmania.

7. Mediterranean Sea – 2.5 million

largest sea

Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Sea was in seventh place as the largest sea. Mediterranean Sea, sometimes called the Mediterranean (‘Mediterranean’ means ‘the land / country center’) is an intercontinental sea situated between Europe to the north, South Africa and Asia in the east, covering an area of 2.5 million km ².

6. Caribbean Sea – 2.754 million

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Caribbean Sea

Caribbean Sea occupies the sixth position as largest sea. Caribbean Sea is a tropical sea adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and the southeastern Gulf of Mexico. He covers the entire Caribbean plate and in the south bordered by Venezuela, Colombia, and Panama, on the west bounded by Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, north of the Greater Antilles islands, Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico, and on the east by the Small Antilles. The bottom line is the deepest ocean Cayman Trough, between the Cayman Islands and Jamaica, at 7686 m (25 220 ft) below sea level.

5. Weddell Sea – 2.8 million

largest sea

Weddell Sea

Weddell Sea was in fifth position as the largest sea. Weddell Sea is part of the Southern Ocean. Point in the east is the Cape Norwegian Princess Martha Coast, Queen Maud Land. To the east is the Cape Norvegia Sea King Haakon VII. Most of the southern sea, up to Elephant Island, is the permanent ice, Filchner-Ronne Ice Mountain. Sea is contained in two overlapping claims, the Antarctic Argentina and the UK (United Kingdom Antarctic Territory), and is also partly within Chilean territorial claims. Weddell Sea is the greatest width of about 2,000 km across, and the area extent of about 2.8 million km ².

4. South China Sea – 3.5 million

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South China Sea

South China Sea was in fourth place as the largest sea. South China Sea is the sea edge, part of the Pacific Ocean, covers an area from Singapore to Taiwan Strait about 3.5 million km ². Is the largest sea body after the five oceans. South China Sea Islands form an archipelago of hundreds. This sea is called the South Sea only in mainland China.

3. Arabian Sea – 3.862 million

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Arabian Sea

Arabian Sea was in third place as the largest sea. The surface area of the Arabian Sea is the largest sea around 3.862 million km2 (1.49113 million sq mi). The maximum width of the Arabian Sea is about 2,400 km (1490 miles), and maximum depth is 4652 meters (15 262 feet), the Arab Basin at approximately the same latitude as the southern tip of India.

2. Coral Sea – 4.791 million

largest sea

Coral Sea

Coral Sea is the largest sea second exactly. Coral Sea as one of the largest sea is the marginal sea off the coast of northeastern Australia. It is bounded on the west by the east coast of Queensland, thereby including the Great Barrier Reef, on the east by Vanuatu (formerly New Hebrides) and New Caledonia, and in the north to around the southern tip of the Solomon Islands.

1. Philippine Sea – 5,177,762

largest sea

Philippine Sea

Philippine Sea is the largest sea in the world. Philippine Sea is a marginal sea east and north of the Philippines occupying an estimated surface area of 2 million km ² (5 million km ²) in the western North Pacific Ocean. Philippine Sea is the world’s largest ocean. This is largest sea.

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