Top 10 Largest Hotels in the World

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In modern times, the Hotel holds an important role in life, because the hotel is a substitute home for people who travel a lot for one thing. No wonder so many places to build hotels with fancy and as much as possible in order to satisfy customers who stay. Here are top 10 largest hotels in the world based on number of rooms and various facilities in the hotel:

10. Pop Century Resort

largest hotel pop century Top 10 Largest Hotels in the World

Pop Century Resort

The hotel is located in Orlando, Florida at Walt Disney World complex and has about 2880 rooms. Although a little pricey, this hotel is recommended for those of you who want to stay with your child at this hotel because there are many children’s toys.

9. Gaylord Opryland

largest hotel gaylord opryland Top 10 Largest Hotels in the World

Gaylord Opryland

Gaylord Opryland is located in Tennessee and has 2881 rooms. The architects of this hotel creates a luxury home as Steakhouse, indoor park that stretches along the 9 acres and a beautiful river, some restaurants and shops also super luxurious to be found under the roof of this hotel.

8. Paris, Las Vegas

largest hotel paris las vegas Top 10 Largest Hotels in the World

Paris, Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas hotel is located in Las Vegas and has about 2916 rooms of which 295 of them are a class suite. The atmosphere of Paris is felt at this hotel because outside the hotel there is a beautiful bath and large size replica of the Eiffel Tower

7. Venetian Macao

largest hotel venetian macao Top 10 Largest Hotels in the World

Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao is located in China and has 3,000 rooms. China hotel is designed with a concept similar to sparkling hotels in Las Vegas.

6. Palazzo

largest hotel palazzo Top 10 Largest Hotels in the World


Palazzo is located in Las Vegas and has 3066 rooms. The atmosphere of this luxury hotel is similar to an Italian villa. Large bedroom and super luxury living room ready to welcome those of you who will stay here.

5. Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach

largest hotel hilton hawaiian hotel Top 10 Largest Hotels in the World

Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach

The hotel is located in Honolulu and has about 3386 rooms. The hotel has one of the country’s largest pool which stretches along 3000 meters. Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach also has a wildlife habitat garden.

4. Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel

largest hotel ambassador city jomtien hotel Top 10 Largest Hotels in the World

Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel

Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel is located in Thailand and has about 4239 rooms. Outside the hotel there are beaches along the 40 acres that is suitable for surfing. Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel also has a super wide jogging track, tennis, volleyball squash, and various other water sports.

3. Luxor

largest hotel luxor Top 10 Largest Hotels in the World


This luxury hotel is located in the city of Las Vegas, Luxor has about 4408 rooms. This Hotel built in the Egyptian concept of the atmosphere, so do not be surprised if a hotel is like a pyramid and a lot of properties in Egypt this hotel as a replica of a mummy, Spink, etc.

2. MGM Grand

largest hotel mgm grand Top 10 Largest Hotels in the World

MGM Grand

MGM Grand in Las Vegas has 5044 rooms. Everything in this hotel always has a first-class quality satu.MGM Grand has super large swimming pool. MGM Grand also has more than 20 restaurants, six bars and two lounges and a beautiful wedding chapel.

1. First World Hotel

largest hotel first world hotel Top 10 Largest Hotels in the World

First World Hotel

The biggest hotel is located in Malaysia is located in Genting Highlands Resort. It has more than 6,000 rooms, parks, malls, as well as artificial tropical forests. First World Hotel has more than 80 stores, more than 90 restaurants, Cineplex sophisticated, karaoke bars and casinos. First World Hotel is the largest hotel in the world.

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