Top 10 Largest Deserts in the World

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Largest desert is a topic on this post. The desert is an area that receives little precipitation – less than 250 mm per year. Desert is considered to have little ability to support life. When compared with the wetter regions this may be true, even if observed carefully, deserts often have a life that is usually hidden (especially during the day) to maintain body fluids. Approximately one third of the earth is shaped desert region. Here are the top 10 largest deserts in the world.

10. Kara-Kum Desert, Uzbekistan / Turkmenistan – 135 000 km ТВ

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Kara-Kum Desert

Kara-Kum Desert is in place as the tenth largest desert. Kara-kum Desert is desert the largest desert in Central Asia and the largest desert in the world 10. It occupies about 70 percent, or 350,000 km ТВ, regions of Turkmenistan. The population is sparse, with an average of one person per 6.5 km ТВ (one person per 2.5 square miles). Rainfall is seldom the same, where rainfall comes maybe once a decade. Today includes many of Turkmenistan, Kara-kum Desert lies to the east of the Caspian Sea, the Aral Sea in the north and the Amu Darya river and the Kyzyl Kum desert to the northeast.

9. Great Sandy Desert, Australia – 150,000 km ТВ

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Great Sandy Desert

Great Sandy Desert is ranked as the ninth largest desert. This is the second largest desert in Australia after the Great Victoria Desert and covers an area of 284,993 square kilometers (110,036 sq mi) Gibson Desert lies to the south and the Tanami Desert is located in the eastern Great Sandy Desert. Great Sandy Desert contains large Ergs, often consisting of longitudinal dunes. The Wolfe Creek meteorite crater is located in the northeast.

8. Chihuahuan Desert, Mexico – 175 000 km ТВ

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Chihuahuan Desert

Chihuahuan Desert is a desert that crosses the US-Mexico border in the central and northern highlands of Mexico. Chihuahuan Desert occupies the eighth position as the largest desert. Desert is bordered on the west by a broad range of the Sierra Madre Occidental, and overlaying the north eastern range, the Sierra Madre Oriental. This desert has an area of approximately 362,000 km2 (139,769 sq mi), it is the third largest desert of Western Hemisphere and second largest in North America, after the Great Basin Desert.

7. Great Basin Desert, United States – 190 000 km ТВ

largest desert

Great Basin Desert

Great Basin Desert is in place seventh in the list of largest desert in the world. Great Basin Desert is the largest desert area of high desert nearctic in all parts of Nevada, California, and Utah that extends to the Colorado River watershed (Clark & Lincoln counties in the southeast), but most of which are part of the central Nevada desert basin of the Great Basin. This along with the Mohave Desert, Chihuahuan Desert, and Sonoran Desert is the four deserts in the United States.

6. Great Victoria Desert, Australia – 250,000 km ТВ

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Great Victoria Desert

Great Victoria Desert is in sixth place in the list of largest desert. The Great Victoria is the largest desert in Australia and consists of small sand dunes, grassland plains, the area with tightly packed gravel surface (called desert pavement or gibber plains) and salt lakes. It is more than 700 kilometers (430 miles) wide (from west to east) and covers an area of 424,400 square kilometers (163,900 sq mi) of the Eastern Goldfields region of Western Australia for the Gawler Ranges in South Australia.

5. Desert Patagonia, Argentina – 260 000 km ТВ

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Desert Patagonia

In the fifth place you’ll see the Patagonia Desert as the largest desert. Patagonia Desert is the largest desert in Argentina occupies 673,000 square kilometers (260,000 miles ТВ). It is located primarily in Argentina with small parts in Chile and bordered by the Andes, to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, in the territory of Patagonia, southern Argentina.

4. Kalahari Desert, South Africa – 360 000 km ТВ

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Kalahari Desert

Kalahari Desert occupies the fourth place as the largest desert. Kalahari Desert is a desert located in southern Africa with an area km ТВ 900.000 (362.500 sq. Mi.) This covers most of Botswana and parts of Namibia and South Africa. Kalahari is a semi-desert in the dry grasslands and there after the rain. Kalahari Desert is also a habitat of various animals and plants, because it is not entirely desert. Rainfall in the Kalahari Desert reaches 3-7 1 / 2 inches per year.

3. Gobi Desert, Mongolia / NE China – 500,000 km ТВ

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Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert occupies third position in the list of largest deserts. Gobi Desert is a desert area that is very big in the People’s Republic of China and southern Mongolia. In the Mongolian language, the word Gobi means “very large and dry”. Gobi consists of several geographic areas and ecologically unique, based on differences in climate and topography. This is the largest desert in Asia.

2. Arabian Desert, the peninsula – 900 000 km ТВ

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Arabian Desert

In the second place you will see the Arabian Desert as the largest desert in the world. Arabian Desert is a desert on the Arabian Peninsula. This desert has an area of 2.33 million kmТВ. This desert has a length of 2100 km and width of 1,100 km. The desert is crossed in several countries such as Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

1. Sahara Desert, North Africa – 3.4 million km ТВ

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Sahara Desert

Sahara is the largest desert in the world. Sahara is located in northern Africa and 2.5 million years old. The desert stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea. This desert divides the continent of Africa into North Africa and South Africa both parts of this continent are very different, both in climate and culture. This vast of this desert is around 9 million km2. This is largest desert.

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