The Largest Catfish ever caught in the World

Wednesday, February 8th 2012. | Largest

Largest catfish are often caught by fishermen in various places around the world. Catfish is a kind of fish that live in fresh water. Catfish are easily recognizable because of his smooth, slightly flattened elongate, and has “whiskers” are long, sticking out from around the mouth. Fishermen often helps us to know the maximum size of the largest catfish for a different species from those reported when they catch a big fish while it is very difficult to try to keep the species in captivity and raise them to their maximum size. Fishermen are also found in the world largest catfish weighing over 75 kg.

Largest Catfish

Largest Catfish

Jessica Wanstall (14) is good at fishing. However, the largest catfish have been beyond their means. Jessica and her father, Mark, fishing on the River Ebro, Spain. The opportunity was a gift from his father. Then they get the largest catfish in the world.

At first the father believes that the small fish as they are commonly caught Jessica. However, the other like-minded teenager and his father asked for help to attract fish. Sure enough, it took 20 minutes to conquer the world’s largest catfish. And the results are really unexpected. What emerges is the largest catfish with 2.75 meters long with a weight of 87 kg. Much larger than the captor, Jessica, who is only 1.24 meters tall and weighs just 36 kg. Their guide, Bodo Kunkel, who runs Bavarian Guiding Services on the River Ebro say that Jessica is very lucky when she catch the largest catfish. This is the largest catfish.

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