Top 10 Largest British Companies in the World

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Largest British company is the topic for discussion at this post. We will discuss the 10 largest companies in the British. Some companies are international companies and have a worldwide network. Here are the top 10 largest British companies in the world.

10. GlaxoSmithKline (Pharmaceutical)

largest british company


GlaxoSmithKline occupies tenth position as the largest British company. The company is engaged in the field of treatments for major diseases such as cancer, as well as public health division which produces brands such as Gaviscon daily, Sensodyne, Nicorette, Aquafresh, and Alli. This company has a presence in 99 cities in 39 countries around the world and directly employs about 100,000 people.

9. Anglo American Plc (Mining)

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Anglo American Plc

In ninth position you will find the Anglo American Plc as the largest British company. The company was formed by American and Brit in 1917, initially called the Anglo American Corporation, and the main activity was originally a gold mining. America does JP Morgan, the man who gave name to the world’s largest company and the only companies considered greater than HSBC. Anglo American Plc are now mining diamonds, copper, nickel, iron ore, and various other metals, as well as thermal coal and platinum. Companies account for 40% of world platinum output and operate on six continents, while it also has a 45% stake in De Beers’s diamond mining company.

8. AstraZeneca (Pharmaceuticals)

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On the eighth position you will find the British company AstraZeneca as the largest. AstraZeneca is the seventh largest pharmaceutical company in the world, and the company’s second largest after the UK pharmaceutical GlaxoSmithKline (who came in 10th position in this list). AstraZeneca drug produces is used to treat various conditions, including Cardiovascular and Neurological. It has a large research & development center in Cheshire which employs 4500 people, and one major research & development center in Sweden which has 4800 employees. AstraZeneca employs a total of 60,000 people worldwide. In 2007 the business acquired Medlmmune American Biotechnology Company for more than $ 15 billion.

7. Prudential Plc (Financial Services)

largest british company

Prudential Plc

Prudential Plc occupies the seventh position as the largest British company. Prudential Plc also have a Jackson National Life Insurance, one of the largest life insurance provider in the U.S.. Prudential Plc is the founder of Egg, the UK’s first Internet bank in 1998, they then sold to Citibank. It’s almost the American International Assurance purchased for $ 35.5bn in 2010 but the deal collapsed at the last minute. Prudential employs approximately 25,000 people worldwide.

6. Standard Chartered Group (Financial Services)

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Standard Chartered Group

Standard Chartered Group occupies the sixth position as the largest British company. Standard Chartered is a universal bank that employs more than 80,000 people and operates in over 70 countries. Despite being a UK based company that makes 90% of profits from Asia, Africa, and Middle East. In the last 20 years the company has increased the coverage of private and offshore banking. Standard Chartered Group has one of the largest loan portfolios in the UAE, with a loan book stood nearly $ 8bn. It also has a majority ownership stake in banks in India and Pakistan.

5. Tesco (Retailers)

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Tesco occupies the fifth position as the largest British company. Tesco is the world’s third largest retailer by revenue, only to lose by Walmart (U.S.) and Carrefour (France), Tesco has rapidly evolved into a global market and now has stores in 14 countries around the world, including the United States where they opened their first ” Fresh & Easy ‘stores in 2007, now has 177 stores in California, Nevada, and Arizona, having originally planned to open a new store every 2.5 days; growth slowed as a result of the recession. William Buffett recently gave the company a vote of confidence however, the company Berkshire Hathaway recently increased their holdings in Tesco from 3.21% to 3.64% ahead of a fresh attack on the U.S. wholesale market.

4. Rio Tinto (Mining)

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Rio Tinto

The fourth position as the largest occupied by the British company Rio Tinto. British-Australian Rio Tinto business with headquarters in London and Sydney has very complex business systems involving hundreds of its wholly owned or partially owned, but most of their activities are concentrated in states rich in resources of Canada and Australia. Businesses dual-listed on the London Stock Exchange and Australian Stock Exchange, as opposed to having a list of primary and secondary listings like many other global businesses. Rio Tinto is the fourth largest public mining company in the world.

3. Barclays (Financial Services)

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Barclays in third place as the largest British company. The Barclay’s largest banking and financial services to-10 group in the world, and operates in over 50 countries around the world. Barclay is the third largest bank with assets owned, after BNP Paribas (France) and HSBC (UK). As of 2011 Barclays employs about 145,000 people around the world. Barclay is one of the oldest banks in the world, which had been founded in 1690 by two Englishmen who started trading as goldsmith bankers in London. Business headquarters have been in London ever since, currently near the Canary Wharf to HSBC.

2. Vodafone (Telecommunications)

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at the second position you can find the largest British company Vodafone. Vodafone is the world’s largest telecommunications company measured by revenue, and the second largest telecommunications company when measured by the number of customers (behind China Mobile, which is owned by the state). Vodafone operates 30 networks and 40 worldwide partners ‘network’. The company also owns 45% stake in America’s largest telecommunications company Verizon Wireless, which in turn now has the American subsidiary of T-Mobile. Vodafone directly employs more than 80,000 people worldwide.

1. HSBC Holdings (Financial Services)

largest british company

HSBC Holdings

HSBC Holdings is the largest British company. HSBC Holdings plc is headquartered in Canary Wharf, London, and is the world’s second largest financial services provider and the second largest public company as a whole. It is beaten on both the number of American firms only by JPMorgan Chase. Half of HSBC $ 2470000000000 assets held in Europe, with about 25% in North America and the remaining 25% in Asia. HSBC has offices in some 87 countries around the world. In 2011 the company has approximately 295,000 employees globally it is the largest British companies. HSBC has a network almost all over the world, HSBC Holdings is the largest British company.

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