Top 10 Fastest Planes in the World

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Flights for military purposes occurred in 1794 during the Battle of Fleurus. When French use an air balloon to spy Austria army. Although successful at the time, much progress has been made in the field of military air power.
List the names here are top 10 fastest plane in the world. All represented at mach speed or the speed of sound units and each of the aircraft that was piloted using a jet engine. Just so you know mach speed 1 is equivalent to 1225 km / hour.

10. F-14D Super Tomcat-Mach 2:34

fastest plane f 140 tomcat Top 10 Fastest Planes in the World

F-14D Super Tomcat

If you ever watch Top Gun, you’ll see the Tomcat, although probably one of the previous series. F-14D Tomcat, designed by Grumman, obviously is one of the fastest types of military aircraft.

Capable of reaching speeds of mach 2.34, the plane was made in order to destroy enemy aircraft at night. While many planes are only allowed to fly in decent weather, the F-14D can fly and destroy in all kinds of conditions. Not only that, other than to attack at night and in weather that is not too good, this plane is also capable of firing at once six targets at the same time. Tomcat is also good for detecting enemy aircraft from a distance of 100 miles.
Inaugural flight on November 23, 1987 from the Grumman Calverton pages and the final prototype flew on February 9, 1990. Tomcat F-14D was the last series of the series F-14 F are upgraded with computer software far more powerful and sophisticated. However, Defense Secretary Dick Cheney thought the plane was not competitive enough to compete with modern technology today and cancel production of the F-14 in 2008.

9. MiG-23 flogger – 2:35 Mach

fastest plane mig 23 flogger Top 10 Fastest Planes in the World

MiG-23 flogger

MiG-23 flogger built to replace the MiG-21 Fishbed earlier. Made with a more powerful engine wing angle setting that can change the variables such as speed, takeoff time, and time of landing.

Those who never fly with this plane that flogger are one of the best fighter aircraft ever made and relatively easy to fly.
Although used to the Russian defense and tracking system with infrared radar, the aircraft was acquired by the U.S. and renamed the YF-113 with some changes.
Flogger widely used by the Soviet Union and Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, East Germany, and some Warsaw Pact allies. Countries such as Cuba, North Korea, India, Egypt, Syria, and others also have the MiG-23S.

8. Su-27 Flanker – 2:35 Mach

fastest plane su 27 flanker Top 10 Fastest Planes in the World

Su-27 Flanker

The Soviet Union created the Su-27 Flanker air supremacy to rival the U.S. with F-15 Eagle and F-16 Fighting Falcon him. Capable of flying at mach 2.35, Flanker becomes the most powerful fighter in his era.

The design of the late Su-27 completed on April 20, 1981. Flanker lot of record, including the speed of take-off and climb the highest in altitude. Although the project is Russia, other countries such as Vietnam and China are very interested in producing their own versions of Flanker with, but these costs are very attractive: $ 180 million.

7. F-14 Tomcat – 2:37 Mach

fastest plane f 14 tomcat Top 10 Fastest Planes in the World

F-14D Super Tomcat

United States Navy is looking for a long term and Grumman fighter has the answer: F-14. Equipped with a wing angle settings can be changed and a large fuel capacity, this aircraft was topnotch.

After the Soviet Union broke up in the 1990s, the craft was lowered ability only for a limited ground attack capabilities previously installed and are no longer needed. Today F14 has been replaced by the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet because of higher maintenance costs.

6. Su-24 Fencer – Mach 2.4

fastest plane su 24 fencer Top 10 Fastest Planes in the World

Su-24 Fencer

Su-24 Fencer is a Soviet-made aircraft that was originally intended to rival the U.S. F-111. However Fencer proves that he is much better, much faster, smaller, lighter, and more powerful than the F-111. In fact, Fencer often referred to as a most dangerous aircraft ever had the Soviet Union.

The advantages of this aircraft are that it can reach mach 2.4 at low altitude, while not many planes that are able to do it. It takes a certain height to be able to fly at supersonic speeds. Fencer is also equipped with laser-designators missiles that have a better accuracy. This technology along with very powerful radars makes Fencer. Despite its maiden flight on July 2, 1967, Fencer formally introduced in the military in 1974.

5. F-111 Aardvark – Mach 2.5

fastest plane f 111 aardvark Top 10 Fastest Planes in the World

F-111 Aardvark

F-111 Aardvark is perhaps best known for its design of the cockpit module is designed for two crew off in emergencies. First designed the early 1960s by General Dynamics, F-111 Aardvark, although it has a strange name, Aardvark is a widely used strategic bombers at that time.

First aired on December 21, 1964 and taken to join the military in July 1967. The purpose built F-111 is a remote interceptor for the U.S. Navy and Air Force bombers. But later, the plane is only beneficial to the Air Force because when assembled and ready to be inserted into the carrier deck of the aircraft carrier the Navy, they were considered too heavy to use.

4. F-15 Eagle – Mach 2.5

fastest plane f 15 eagle Top 10 Fastest Planes in the World

F-15 Eagle

To replace the F-4 Phantom that is out of date, the U.S. Air Force fighter aircraft superior look sophisticated with the ability to cruise long distances. In 1965 a request was made, only seven years later the plane was already flying for the first time and joined the military in 1979.

McDonnell Douglas, a company known as the maker Boeing, a plane that has a large wing with remarkable agility for the size of the plane about 64 feet long and 42-foot wingspan. Although the aircraft is greater than the average size mostly fighter aircraft, the use of titanium and a customized compression jet engine allows the aircraft reached Mach 2.5 in a short time. However, the Eagles could only travel at about 1.78 mach when loaded weapon.
Of course, like most aircraft, the F-15 Eagle has a variety of series, including the F-15A and F-15D. New models are much more sophisticated, radar-equipped with top-of-the-line, new computers, and more.

3. MiG-31 Foxhound – Mach 2.83

fastest plane mig 31 foxhound Top 10 Fastest Planes in the World

MiG-31 Foxhound

The first flight debut on 16 September 1975, MiG-31 Foxhound made to replace the MiG-25. Although similar to the MiG-25 Foxhound experiencing major overhaul. The plane is made larger than the MiG-25. The aircraft also has been given a new machine with large capacity and sophisticated radar tracking system that makes Foxhound far more reliable and efficient in his work.

About 400-500 units of the MiG-31 were created for Russia and the Soviet Union.

2. MiG-25R Foxbat-B – Mach 3.2

fastest plane mig 25 r foxbat b Top 10 Fastest Planes in the World

MiG-25R Foxbat-B

In 1959, the Soviet Union focused on the creation of aircraft that can be used to intercept and surveillance activities as well.

Like several other Russian aircraft, this aircraft was created to rival the U.S. aircraft like the Lockheed SR-71 and North American XB-70. In March 1964, the MiG-25R Foxbat flights prime and soon in 1969, signed legislation to allow testing of aircraft with surveillance capabilities and conducted tests in 1970.
In 1972 the design improvements have been used by the Soviet Air Force. The aircraft is equipped with automatic fire control system and a large radar system with look-down and shoot-down after 1980 when all the MiG updated.
MiG-25R Foxbat is also able to use the bombs to bomb stationary free falling from a height of 65,000 ft while flying at supersonic speed. There is also a system installed that allows the aircraft to drop 10 bombs at once!

1. SR-71 Blackbird – Mach 2.3 +

fastest plane sr 27 blackbird Top 10 Fastest Planes in the World

SR-71 Blackbird

Although first introduced in 1966, the SR-71 Blackbird is still manned reconnaissance aircraft has been named as the fastest until four decades later. Manufactured by Lockheed, the SR-71 was designed by Clarence “Kelly” Johnson who is important figure in aviation history.

Debuting on December 22, 1964, and began his career in the military in January 1966. SR-71 capable to fly with speed 3.2 Mach or more and this is fastest plane in the world. SR-71 is a U-2 reconnaissance aircraft that was vulnerable to Soviet air defenses because of the speed and higher flight ability and equipped with the ability to escape.
In fact, this plane never fall by the enemy, 12 units from 32 units were ever made were destroyed in the accident. The aircraft was painted with paint new technology that allows it difficult to track radar. Form a whole plane is also one of the first aircraft stealth technologies.

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