Top 10 Fastest Internet Providers in the World

Wednesday, October 24th 2012. | Fastest

People always want to enjoy high-speed internet access with a variety of reasons. Quality performance, customer service and speed of the Internet are some of the services provided by the Internet Provider. It is hard to find a good internet provider for business. This is a list of fastest internet provider in the world.

10. DSL Extreme

Do you need to get ADSL 2 + or DSL service, DSL Extreme is the best option for you. He offers the speed and various other essential services, efficient service and fast with the best features of your account and technical support. For this reason, among the top 10 Internet service providers around the world.

9. Juno

This is the best ISP available in nearly 8,000 cities around the world and across the United States. Offers unlimited internet service for the viewers at an affordable price. Do you want to dial up or DSL Internet, providing you with reliable, fast and efficient.

8. Netscape

It provides a powerful and unlimited internet for viewers by providing everything they need to stay online. The maximum speed of the internet starting from 1 Mb to 100 Mb based on customer subscriptions.

7. PeoplePC

This Company is one of the internet provider companies enjoyable, safe and efficient. When you review the judgments of people around the world, this will help you to evaluate the speed of the allotment of this company.

6. Verizon

It plays an effective role in the energy market place is good, quality, innovation and style to its customers. Customers around the world prefer to use the services of this company because of cheap internet package. The speed is rather slow compared to other companies top rankings but the reliability and stability of the data is always constant.

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5. Time Warner

The Company is related to the needs of business and the public together to provide efficient services and high speed internet. For this reason, is one of the top-rated companies internet providers around the world.

4. AOL

Do you need high speed broadband or dial up Internet connection, AOL is the ISP that is right for you. This will increase your ability to stay online while using high-speed networks. Offer a wide choice to consumers so that they always prefer to use the AOL service company only. Internet offers the fastest speeds on the cable system to the customer.

3. Comcast

This is one of the best internet service provider of information services, entertainment and communications. Has begun working with simple cable systems and now provide enhanced service coverage for sports, news and high-speed Internet speeds to a global audience.

2. Earthlink

It is a leading service provider with advanced services to businesses large and small, residential users, and enterprise customers and across America. It provides communication and Internet access to people and has won the popularity award winner for customer and product innovation. Speed of ISP providers is not much faster than Cox.

1. Cox

This is the fastest internet provider in the world. This is a company that offers many benefits for many people cheaply. It makes use of cable modem technology with fiber optics to increase the speed of the internet for good photos, music videos, and access other large files company website. In addition, 1 GB of email storage options is provided. It provides 800KBps + by using the option to download a multi-threaded. It gives you 1GB fiber connection to meet their needs.

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