Top 10 Fastest Growing Careers in the World

Saturday, August 6th 2011. | Fastest

Everyone has interests, desires and different abilities. One’s career is usually influenced by some of these. Choosing a career for the future should involve several factors, such as the nature of the job, working environment, income level, growth opportunities and work-life balance. Below are the top 10 fastest growing careers in the world as a reference for you.

1. Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst

Data Communications Analyst

Data Communications Analyst

Career choice is bound to grow as businesses recognize the need to implement new technology, setting up a network system in the workplace and efficiency monitoring.

2. Physical Therapist

Choosing a Physical Therapist career is a lucrative option in the U.S. In addition, this field is expected to grow rapidly because each day the population is increasing.

3. Research Analyst

To support the marketing efforts of any business, thorough research is very important. Therefore, there is a demand for analyst research to find appropriate methods to market a product from a company.

4. Veterinarian

Being a Veterinarian who is also the fastest growing careers, because every animal owner would want to have the best care for their animals.

5. Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer

Community awareness to maintain the appearance they make everyone looks for the best fitness trainers. They want to have an ideal body so that their appearance is always interesting. Being a fitness trainer is one of the best career choices.

6. Dental Hygienist

People are increasingly recognizing the need for dental care, so that their teeth stay healthy and strong, and demand for services that offer high-end dental Hygienist continue to rise.

7. Social Worker

The government has taken initiative to reward people and organizations working in the field of social welfare by giving them special incentives. A career as a social worker is a good option for the future.

8. Pharmacy Technician

A career as a pharmacy technician is one career to consider. Increased use of prescription drugs ensure that the demand for pharmacy technicians will grow.

9. Financial Analyst

With a growing number of problems experienced by financial institutions, the need for quality audits, financial analysis and advising has become clear. Financial industry grows both in size and complexity, and increase the demand for qualified financial analyst.

10. Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Computer networks continue to grow, the demand for appropriate computer software advances in technology have also increased. Software engineer is one of the most fastest growing career in the world.

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